My ‘Looks’

If you liked pained expressions and forced smiles, Ive added a page for you. I’m pretty rubbish at having someone else take my photo – the irony right? Hence lots of big sunnies and eyes avoiding the camera. (I need to learn to not take myself so seriously) But I love playing dress up and […]

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Vogue #2

I’m literally talking about last years news here, but somehow I forgot to post about Vintage vogue issues two and three. I’m not sure how, i’ve not really been up to that much and this was an image I’m particularly happy with. You may even notice that i’ve already plastered the image all over my […]

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Muay Thai

Bet you didn’t have me down as a Thai boxer did you? Well thats because I’m not. But I have been Thai boxing for a few months now, and it’s safe to say it has changed my life. Firstly my knees. My poor, poor knees, and secondly I’m always wearing a gym kit. Jokes aside, […]

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Meeting Resolutions

Resolutions – an unintended camera pun. So it’s now 2018, and I made a resolution to make my first ever resolution (I typically think they’re a load of bull) but I made one anyway, and it was to work with more people. So I started one of my first days back at work photographing Charlotte […]

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Recently I have been trying really hard to make my Mooch Instagram page more interesting.  I mentioned in a previous post, briefly, how I now use a theme to make the page itself look good. But that requires more content. And more content require more thought. I have made tonnes of animated videos using studio […]

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A Very Red Day

Today I photographed some of the super exciting pieces I got from yesterdays warehouse haul. A lot of which seem to be red, but since photographing my own clothes I’ve realised I seem to mostly wear red, so that makes sense. A lot of the same coloured clothes fit my new Mooch Instagram theme anyway […]

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The Warehouse

I can’t think of a more ominous title than, ‘The Warehouse’. I say ominous because even though it’s glorious, all plans, outfits, photoshoot ideas and even common sense, dissipate from my mind. I’m like a nat to a bright light in there, buzzing from corner to corner of this several floor behemoth. The lines between […]

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